The Echo Dot was a popular gift this year. It's the smaller version of the Amazon Ec. This kid has some serious trouble with his Amazon Echo. [via @jukinmedia] A video posted by COMPLEX (@complex) on Jan 3, 2017 at. What happens when the actual kids attempt to play with the grown up toys?

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Kitten™, @slytherkai. °•☆tash, 21, bi, exo nsfw acc&personal nsfw acc ♡ s/h, @youngintrbl is my beb, feeling idk what tbh☆•°. she/her ♡ switch ♡ 21. After opening a new Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas, one family got an … interesting surprise when their kid sidled up to the device to ask it to.

Alexa has a naughty side. A new YouTube video on top of the site's “trending” list features an adorable kid who accidentally causes Amazon's.

You know what Echo Park is missing? Good ol' pornography tucked between its vegan eateries and artisan boutiques.

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This kid just wanted Alexa to play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" for him. He got something very, very different. If you have young kids, make sure they're supervised when they use an Amazon Echo. One family learned this the hard way.

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